To give myself a chance to become more well-rounded in the kitchen, I have decided to widen the scope of my blog to touch on things both sweet and savory. It will be inappropriate for me to convert this wonderful dessert blog into something it is not, thus, I have moved to a new blog that caters both to cooking and baking.

chefgusto sidebanner

WHERE. It is still powered and hosted by WordPress and I have named it Gourmet Sunday.

WHAT. the unique thing about this new blog is how I create a gourmet meal for me and my family every Sunday, and share with you some of the striking recipes we have enjoyed. With that, I will be trying to travel through different countries around the world through food. Yes, that would mean that I will be trying out international cuisine.

WHO. You are all invited and welcome to check out my new blog – Gourmet Sunday at

Thank you for following me here and for sharing some of your thoughts. This blog will still remain as is for those of you who would want to try out some of the recipes in this blog.


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