A Little Goes a Long Way

Is it safe to say that the same goes with love?

WARNING: This blog post contains some unnecessary Valentine-related things that might happen. 

What I can conclude is the fact that this deceitful dessert is incredibly heavenly. And a little of this dessert will definitely go a long way (second base or even third if you’re lucky!). It may disguise itself as light and airy but within its smooth texture is a whole lot of chocolate and a lot more cream. But who cares? It is Valentine season and what better way to spend Valentine’s Day than taking in the calories together!


The recipe (click here) of this Chocolate Mousse will not force you to buy a lot of ingredients. Just a few stuff and then voila! A calorie-laden but elegant-and-thoughtful dessert for the love of your life! Cheers!

Oh and by the way, my oven is still broken. Yeahp. It is going be a heartbroken Valentine’s Day for me. I will just go shower myself with frozen desserts and no-bake recipes. Sigh.


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