52 Weeks of Cookie (Week 4): Goodbye, For Now


There’s this song. We usually sing this during a wake. I now you know this one. It’s called I’ll Never Say Goodbye sung by Barbra Streisand. If only one could dedicate this song to an inanimate object. Yes, as sad as it is, my oven gave up at the age of 1 year and 1 month. Well, it is still working but the heating rods (if that’s what they call them) on the top level is not working anymore. So whenever we try to toast bread, only the bottom browns. Just to get an accurate prognosis of how good it can still bake, I made a ‘farewell’ batch of our favorite Chocolate Chunk Cookies, just in time for the 52 Weeks of Cookie Challenge. With fingers crossed and hopes on high, I preheated the oven and baked the first batch.

Sigh. Although the taste is just as good, the texture was off and its color… it looks like a vampire cookie. Pale. Sigh. And with that, we bade our oven goodbye… in baking. And to my 52 Weeks of Cookie Challenge. Not goodbye but see you again real soon. The challenge will be put on hold for the mean time until we get the chance to replace the oven that is fit for baking. But I promise you, I will be making catch-up weeks just to make up for the lost time. Mark my words. I promise!

The baking may be put on hold but there are a lot of ways to make desserts so join me as I look forward to other ways of making desserts!


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