An Open-for-All Cookie Contest by the Belle Grove Plantation Bed & Breakfast

I have received quite a few comments for my entries but never did I imagine receiving an invite to join a cookie contest in the US. Although I know that the blogger has invited a lot of blogging bakers, still, I am flattered by the fact that someone would even consider me as a contender. Forgive me for my novice blogger reaction. And because I don’t think I will be able to join this contest, I will be reblogging Michelle‘s contest mechanics here. Yes, it is open to everyone. And the reward is quite catchy! Aside from a Visa gift card of $100, imagine having people in their Belle Grove Bed & Breakfast ordering your cookie for a year! WOW.


We are looking for an original, unpublished recipe that will use ingredients that are readily available in any market. The cookie should be a cookie that can sit on a plate for an hour or so without it losing any of it flavor or texture. Refrigerated cookies and cookie bars are not eligible.

The theme is “A Historic Cookie that James Madison would enjoy”. It doesn’t mean that cookie recipe has to be from the colonial period of American History just that it would appeal to that period.


You are eligible if you are 13 years of age or older as of January 1, 2013. Anyone between the ages of 13 to 18 must have a parent or guardian’s permission to enter. This parent or guardian will be responsible of all taxes or fees. Parent or guardian’s name must be submitted with the entry information or entry will not be accepted.


There will be an entry fee of $7.00 per recipe submitted. You may enter as many recipes as you wish. The fee will be used as part of the funds raised to restore and preserve the history of Belle Grove Plantation and to restore the three 1790 dependencies and the processing fee.

Submit your recipe typed in English along with a clear, color photograph of your end product. List each recipe ingredient with specific flavor, exact measurements using standard U.S. weights/measures, and in the order used.  Provide complete preparation directions including baking time and temperature and type of bake ware used (including exact dimensions or size).  All recipes must utilize a baking or cooking method of preparation.  A recipe without a baking or cooking step will not be accepted.

All recipes submitted must not be copyrighted by another individual or company. By submitting your recipe you are ensuring that the recipe is not owned by any other individual or company. Any copyrighted recipes will be disqualified and the entry fee of $7.00 will be forfeited.


Initial judging will be done by panel of judges selected by Belle Grove Plantation for appropriate use of eligible products in addition to the criteria outlined below for the finalist recipes:

  • Creativity
  • Ease of Preparation
  • Appearance
  • Keeping closest to the Cookie Contest Theme

Judges will disqualify previously published recipes, such as but not limited to those in major cookbooks, in magazines, food companies, on major food or recipe websites and winners in national contests, unless the recipe features changes considered significant by the judges.

Final judging will be done by a panel of selected by Belle Grove Plantation.  The Judges will select ten (10) Finalist recipes. Finalists will be required to certify, on information or belief, that their recipes are their own creation and have not been published or publicized and have not won a national contest.  Decision of the judges is final in all matters relating to this Contest.



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