New Years and Grammatically Correct Apple Crisps


The year that was, was the year where options were presented and choices were made. It may appear that I have all the power to make those choices however, making sure that all are accounted for; the choices made were actually 40% for me, 60% for others. No, I don’t regret making those decisions because, looking at the bigger picture now, which is part of my long list of resolutions, it actually is more of 60% for me and 40% for others. Great! Now what I need to do is to get my heart into the method in achieving the result and not just into the result itself. I learned this after finishing Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People just before 2012 ended. And I must admit that this is a highly recommended book to read.


The year may have changed from 12 to 13 but in the blog world, I just turned 7 months and I have a lot of growing up to do in terms of creative writing, thought expression and, yes, grammar. Turns out, there are actually people who read my blog and execute me for my incorrect grammar. That is why, as I compose this entry, I call upon the aid of Microsoft Word and its mighty underlining powers hoping that it would not fail me.

As a lot of bloggers do year-ender posts, I would rather write a year-opener entry. Not because I would think that it would set me apart rather, to look forward to the things that could happen from Day 1 of 365. And the first of many that will happen is the end of the 52 Weeks of Cake Challenge (yes, I know I suck) and the start of the 52 Weeks of Cookie Challenge. Thinking about it makes me shrill like a little school girl getting all giddy and excited with the flavor combinations I could do without the difficulty of giving it away. With that said, I have committed myself into going on with the online business I started. I will be making a few changes in the format of the business but still, the essence of its advantage of being homebaked will still remain.


Now what’s with the apple crisps part of the title? Well, that was our year-ender dessert. What made me decide to make an apple crisp instead of a showstopper? I don’t know. I guess simple is better. And I have been fantasizing of making an apple dessert (an apple pie to be exact) for a very long time. Watching Food Network’s Holiday Extravaganza Special made me finalize my decision. I made The Neely’s Apple Crisp with Bourbon Cream (recipe HERE), without the bourbon and the cream. I added a cup of chopped pecans in the filling aside from the topping. Yes, we kill for nuts. I made it hours before dinner so as to be prepared and then warmed it before serving. The crumb topping was delicious. Although not the streusel topping I have been wanting to make, it has passed my standard. The apple filling however was incredibly tart. The apples required were granny smith, I used granny smith. The recipe said 1 tablespoon lemon juice, I used the juice of one lemon. Well, maybe that’s why. And again, this lesson bit me in the *** once more. No complaints. On the bright side, we have fruit salad!


Final thought: Sometimes, you have to sacrifice yourself for other people. As the saying goes, “Sacrifice is the greatest expression of love.” What a way to start the year. Cheers to the new year readers! Thank you for walking with me as I journeyed through 2012. May you be blessed with positivity and hope for a better 2013.


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