Busy December Affair Photo Update

Here’s a photo update on what I have been doing this merry month of December (and the reasons excuses why I haven’t got the time to blog about things):


IMG 61. As a tradition in our family, we cooked some ube halaya (purple yam jam) for us to give and to eat this holiday season. And yes, we grew the tubers ourselves if you may ask. This is our Dad’s secret recipe, and I am telling you, it is REALLY good!

IMG 2. I did a lot of baking. And I mean a LOT. We gave out cookies as gifts.

IMG 1 (1)IMG 43. I ventured out in making cake pops. And here’s what I’ve learned: IT IS EXTREMELY HARD AND TEDIOUS TO DO.

IMG 2IMG 34. And because it is December, is started a new business selling guess what — CAKE POPS. For more information, check out our site by clicking the link here, or by clicking on the image on the side.

IMG 75. For our Christmas dinner, I made our favorite Banana Oat cake. Hey! That’s the cake for Week #13!

There you go! My list of excuses for being unable to blog frequently.





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