52 Weeks of Cake (Week 12): November Strawberries, a Month Late

As I listen to Christmas tunes a day after the most-awaited celebration, I decided to open the computer and start to type up this extremely overdue entry for what was supposed to be the third or fourth week of November.


Preceding this entry was a 3-part blog (1,2,3) about my rendezvous with the beautiful city of Baguio, way up north of Luzon. And in one of those entries I showed you how crazy we went in hoarding the cheapest strawberries we could find in the public market. Aside from thinking about ways to bring them back to Manila, I thought of ways on how to utilize these berries in a dessert and naturally, I went to making a strawberry shortcake cake. I really can’t remember where I based the recipe for my cake but what I can remember is that I read a lot of recipes online with regard to the shortcake, crediting most to The Pioneer Woman’s recipe. I made a few changes in the recipe and then made the mise en place. And yes, my favorite part is hulling the strawberries and tasting it if they are “still fresh”. Hah. Excuses.



I, no we, were extremely excited when I finally finished assembling this glorious cake. The lemon-scented cake and the sweet-sour combination of strawberries and whipped cream just overwhelmed my thoughts. We waited for the cake to set in the fridge just to make it more solid and easier to slice. So, after a few photographs for this blog, we each took a slice hoping that the expectations we have can be met or even exceeded.

IMG 14

Unfortunately, it did not go well. The cake was too dense for our liking, like it was too rubbery. Maybe because of overmixing or because of the changes I made to the recipe. However, there are pros that come with cons. The slightly sweet whipped cream balanced the tartness of the berries which made it more acceptable. Also, the lightness of the frosting made us less conscious with the amount of sugar we are actually devouring. I may be going back to Baguio January next year so I will be making another one of this cake but following the exact recipe so as to fully enjoy what a strawberry shortcake cake should taste and be like. Good thing we still had some of Eriel’s delicious crispy silvanas to make up for this cake fail.

IMG 13

With every failure comes a lesson to learn. We’ll meet again, strawberry shortcake. We’ll meet again.

Oh and by the way, my 52 Weeks of Cake Challenge will be on hiatus for a few months (excluding some special celebrations that would require baking a cake) to give space to what needs to be placed inside the refrigerator. Apparently, we either have to buy a new refrigerator to put the cakes in or temporarily stop for a while so that we could finish all the cakes and desserts. Believe me, we gave a lot already and those people had enough themselves.


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