52 Weeks of Cake (Week 10): I Say We Came from Monkeys

As much as I would like to debate on whether us humans came from monkeys or from the seed of Adam and Eve, I’d rather talk about what takes place in my pre-heated oven. No offense, Charles Darwin.

But just the same, I have this simple explanation on how I could see that we can be connected to those species just as how we can be connected to the Bible’s Adam and Eve. Monkeys love Bananas. Humans love Bananas (in whatever form). Adam and Eve apparently love Apples. Humans love Apples too (well, I love apple pie)!

For most of my teenage years, I have been enjoying this certain banana cake-slash-bread from a popular commercialized bakery here in the Philippines. It has this really dark golden brown crust topped with incredibly delicious streusel. And since then, I have been wanting to recreate that delight to the tee but still unable to until now. I surrendered myself in copying that cake and decided to make my own banana cake. Yes, I am certain that this is a cake, not a cake-slash-bread.

This cake came from a dictatorial start. You see, in my household, food goes by fast. You think you know what fastfood means? Get to know my family and you’ll know firsthand. Leaving a piece of bread outside is like leaving a dollar bill (or in our case, peso bill) in a room full of robbers. You have to set your foot down in order to make something. So here’s what I did (smart, huh?):

Eventually it paid off. I was able to prolong the bananas’ life to the overripe stage. Thank God! Believe it or not, being able to reach this point is a feat. And the most important and crucial step is over.

As I go through the process of baking the cake (the same goes to all the cakes I make), I start to think of ways how to present it in the most elegant and classic manner. I’d really want to steer away from the commercialized look most cakes here does. And fortunately, having the ‘elegant and classic’ look is one of the perks of making a cake homebaked. And there you go. My soft and moist banana cake is filled and topped with caramelized bananas, frosted with a light peanut butter buttercream and then crusted with some homemade peanut butter granola to make the cake a lot more dimensional.

My family said that they really enjoyed the cake. As always. At the moment, this is now my family’s favorite cake (and I’m guessing they will be having a few more new favorites in the coming weeks).


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