Death Days and Birthdays

It is during the end of October when our family (maternal side) gather together to visit our beloved departed. About 3 years ago, we all go to a single place to reminisce and enjoy each others’ company but after that year, we go to two places to visit our maternal grandmother and grandfather (Loyola Memorial) and maternal uncles (Christ the King). Of course, being Filipino, we enjoy the company of food. As tradition, we pledged ourselves with certain foods to bring and this time, I decided to bake something for the family to enjoy.

I decided to make sticky buns. Although unfamiliar with how it should taste like, I could imagine that it is similar to cinnamon rolls but only gooey-er, hence, sticky. I can recall a previous episode of Food Network’s Throwdown with Bobby Flay where the secret dish was sticky buns. And it was Flour Bakery that took the prize. Naturally, I looked for the recipe of Flour’s sticky buns and fortunately, Food Network graciously shared it in their website.

Waiting for it to rise.

It was everything I had imagined. It was sweet, gooey and nutty. The brioche itself was incredibly good. One may put fear first but let me tell you, for an inexperienced and amateur baker like me, the recipe is incredibly easy to do. The instructions were easy to understand. It became a favorite of the family. (Although you may want to adjust the sweetness of the baked goods but hey!, a dessert wouldn’t be dessert if it is not sweet right?) As Lorraine Pascale always say: ‘Baking may take long, but it is always easy.’

About a week after, my uncle celebrated his birthday so I decided to bake my chocolate cake (again, I know!) so that they could have a taste of it. I am happy to say that I think they enjoyed it. I tell you, a small slice is enough to satisfy your cravings of chocolate or dessert. This cake is really decadent and sinful! The food was amazing as well! We had so much that even though you’d like to have seconds, you can’t! We ended the night (or the morning) with a marathon of Paranormal Activity movies since it was the 31st of October.

My cousins (Ate Katy on the left and Ichay on the right) enjoying their cake slices.

I am so excited for the coming months! Are you?

For the recipe of the sticky bun, you can find it here.


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