52 Weeks of Cake (Week 9): Three’s the Charm

Apparently, my constant promotion of my blog on baking adventures through social networking sites caught some people’s attention. And it felt good. I guess this is the first step to what I have planned for in life. That there are things, not only negative things, but positive things as well that I must go through. An opportunity came up to make my chocolate cake for a close professor in college. I took this opportunity as a way to gather some feedback on how my cake is received by other people than my family, aside from catching up.

My college professor invited me to her son’s 3rd birthday as well as her daughter’s baptismal party a few days ago. Of course I wouldn’t pass this chance up because we haven’t seen each other for more than a year almost. She recently became a baking enthusiast as well and I guess she saw a flood of posts I made in facebook regarding my baked stuff that she requested me to bake her a cake. Me, having only the chocolate cake mastered yet decided to make the chocolate cake for the third time this year. Compared to my previous chocolate cakes (here, and here), I made this one more decorative or visually appealing as I can (not having any workshops or formal training in Cake Decorating) so as to give it a celebration feel. But the recipe is the same as the one I made for my birthday.

She told me that the cake was great so that gave me a sigh of relief. Every time I get my friends to have a taste of what I make gives me this pressure or nerves hoping that they’d like it. I think I’d never get used to it. The great thing is that she loved it.

Happy birthday, Diego! Welcome to the Christian world, AJ!


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