Slow and Steady, Bright and Sunny

The weather has been nice for the most part of the week, and the plants are getting their much needed sunlight. As I glanced through my previous posts about my urban garden, I can’t believe how much my plants have grown! And they should since it has been almost 2 months since I planted them from seed. I planted a lot more basil so that we could have a steady supply of the herb in the future. Yes, we are a heavy basil user I confess. Sometimes I get a tad lazy whenever the next day comes since it has been my routine everyday to drive my brother to school then to tend the farm–you know, water each one. It is no easy work watering each plant, making sure that the soil is damp so I can’t imagine how our farmers do such a wonderful job in irrigating their produce. Oh and guess what… our ube plant (purple yam) has been fruiting already just in time for the Christmas season. I can’t wait to make ube halaya and ube cake for the coming months!

The ube fruits.

Jalapeño and Chili Peppers

Tomato plants

The amazing Salvia flower that has grown so much thanks to the improvised greenhouse!

I had a few bumps in the way, I’ll tell you that. Nothing will ever be hunky-dory and I never thought I’d encounter a vermin meddling with my plants. It kept on uprooting the ginger tubers and transplanted basil and biting the tops of my tomato plants. I had no choice but to bring out the big guns — RAT POISON. I’m sorry but there is no other way to control the pest. Well, there is.

(From Top, Clockwise): Hugo the Black Tabby, Diesel the Himalayan, Gucci the Calico, Dolce the Bicolor and Chanel the Solid Cream

These are our babies. How cute right? Persian cats as they are called. I can’t just let them outside to keep the rats away. They are more precious than those rats and we can’t afford losing them. So, no thank you. We plan on breeding them by the way so that we can promote cats as pets. Who says dogs are man’s bestfriend? Not always.



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