Urban Farm Photo Update

Technically, it is a container garden, not a farm but for me, it is a farm.

My quaint urban FARM.

I have been busy being a baker for the past few weeks that I completely forgot to update you on my farming adventure. I’ve decided not to write long paragraphs and just let you see what I have done to my herbs and vegetables compared to my previous post about them. As a summary, I have transplanted most of my plants (all the peppers, dill, basil, cherry and regular tomatoes and the sole salvia survivor) since it has been more than a month now. I still have that calming feeling when gardening/farming so I am happy and fulfilled with what I have accomplished. Oh and by the way, no fertilizers were added (chemical, organic, compost nor vermicast).

Dill in separate pots.

Basil in pots and a planter.
I can really smell its ‘basil-ness’ already which is exciting!

The sole salvia that germinated and thrived.

I made a make-shift greenhouse to increase the chance of the salvia flower to thrive further. I hope it would bloom.

The cherry tomatoes were planted in their final pots. The pots may look like they are small however, I think it would suffice. We just have to wait for the fruit to come!

The same with the cherry tomatoes, these tomatoes are in their final pots. All we need is patience for the first fruit.

These are my pepper plants.
From L – R: Pimiento Peppers, Habanero Peppers, Jalapeño Peppers and Bird’s Eye Chili

I used the same greenhouse method with the habanero peppers since they were not at the same growth level as with the other peppers.

There you go! An update on how my urban farm is doing. I will be posting more on this soon where I may be including our ube (purple yam) and lanzones since they are already producing fruit.

Check out my blog in a few days for I may be baking croissants and making durian candy.


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