52 Weeks of Cake (Week 2): Wake Up and Smell the Coffee… Buttercream!

After my class with the great Chef Heny Sison, I recently decided to make a challenge with myself to finally face my fears in baking cakes. Thus, the 52 Weeks of Cake Challenge.

Banana Cake with Coffee Buttercream Frosting

I gathered a number of recipes from books and the internet so that I could pick one to make in the coming weeks. For this week, I let my mom decide on what cake I should bake. She chose a banana cake with coffee buttercream frosting. She fancied something with coffee or mocha.

I bought a number of cake pans with loose bottoms to equip myself for the challenges ahead. Also, I invested on an oven thermometer as advised by Chef Heny since you can’t really trust the temperature dial of ovens (she was actually right! I had an inaccurate temperature dial!). My next investment, a candy thermometer.

I baked the cake the night before so that I could let the cakes chill overnight. I woke up the next morning early to prepare the coffee buttercream and assemble the cake. My rendezvous with making the buttercream was really something. One is that I don’t have a candy thermometer, thus, I had a hard time to determine at what stage is my simple syrup in (yes, it was I think a swiss buttercream? Correct me if I’m wrong please). It was just about to go past the soft ball stage when I timely decided to finally pour the syrup in the mix. Thank God! I was finally able to ice my cake beautifully. The buttercream was creamy, velvety and just plain beautiful.

Over-all, the cake was okay. There is nothing special. It was kind of dense and heavy for me. I actually prefer light cakes now as compared to my previous preferences. Also, the pecans overpowered the taste of the banana so I suggest decreasing the amount to 1/2 cup instead of a cup OR if you really like pecans, you can increase the amount of mashed bananas although I think it would affect the cake’s texture or baking time. The buttercream, as I said, was extremely velvety and beautiful however, the coffee flavor was extremely strong to the point that there is a bitter aftertaste. So kind of tweak with the amount of coffee to add. But the combination of banana cake and coffee is really good!

Check out the recipe HERE. Oh and by the way, follow me on Instagram: giantcastle.


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