52 Weeks of Cake (Week 1): Gone Artisan on the Red Velvet

It has been a long while since I last posted. The schedules were tight since someone from the family recently came home from the international working community and will be leaving again that quick. I took a few pictures on what has been happening in the last 2 weeks I think with regard to my farming adventure but I chose to wait it out a bit and let my plants reach a month old before updating you on that. But with regard to my baking journey, I acquired a baking milestone!

The someone I mentioned is my dad. He has been working abroad for most of his professional life as a civil engineer, mostly in the gulf countries. His stay here was both for vacation and work. Of course, I wouldn’t pass the chance not to let him taste my baking. And because he will be coming back not after a year, I decided to bake my first cake. Yes. That made it even more special. The cake I made was my first ever, and I hope in the next year that my dad will be coming back, I’d be able to perfect a few recipes. By the way, contrary to other people’s ideas, I have never tried to bake a cake in my life. It scares me to my core. I don’t know why but I am thankful that I was able to finally faced my fears and baked one for my dad. It was a Red Velvet Chiffon Cake, from the Heart of Mary. It is kind of hard to think of something to bake especially cakes since there is a wide array of different flavors and techniques to choose from. I chose a simple and popular and highly commercialized cake which I think will be better if made from the home, and from the heart.

This Red Velvet Chiffon Cake makes me feel good in my decision of baking cakes.

This cake was, as expected, chiffon. I generally don’t like super airy and spongy cakes like that of chiffon but making this cake taught me a lot about technique and finesse. In baking, all the qualities needed by an athlete or an artist needs to be present since making a cake is both technical and creative. Although it was kind of dry (which I guess I overcooked it a bit because I waited for the timer to finish the 60-minute time), the cream cheese frosting gave it another dimension. I will be trying another brand of cream cheese (I used Magnolia) in the future since I find it too tart or sour for my taste, but over-all, it was a great first cake! Oh, and by the way, adding white chocolate shaving on time adds a nice touch and texture.

Red on the sides, White on top.

A slice is never enough.

I’ve gone artisan! And I loved it. And because of that, I have decided to make my own 365. But in my case, 52. 52 Cakes in 52 Weeks (since there are 52 weeks in a year). This will be my weekly challenge for an entire year. And I am so excited! I will be calling this segment: 52 Weeks of Cake.


2 responses to “52 Weeks of Cake (Week 1): Gone Artisan on the Red Velvet

    • Thank you! What’s the use of family and friends then? ;) Save one slice for yourself then the rest to give away and let their thighs and waists blow up – nah, just kidding ;) But the giving away part is a good idea.

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