Survival of the Fittest… Looking

I have always associated the saying : ‘survival of the fittest’ to the higher classification of life — humans and animals. However, as I continue my research about agriculture and growing produce, I realized that the phrase aptly applies to plants as well. The theory on natural selection as explained by Charles Darwin, err, well, more on the phrase originating from it for me means that the organism that could contribute more to the survival of the species is deemed ‘fit’. Some people may look at it as inconsistent however, being ‘fit’ has a lot to do with survival.

My readers know that I have started growing my own vegetables from seeds almost two weeks ago, according to this post. Mind you, in those two weeks that passed, they went through a lot. A lot. The most important was that the Philippines was recently bludgeoned by a really really strong monsoon. It was incredibly horrible. The water even went inside our house, well, in one room. It was that strong. After that storm, I really did not expect that the seedlings would prosper and develop because of that bludgeoning.

The unfit tomato and cherry tomato seedlings.

Finally, as I opened my eyes one morning, the sun was visible. And the first thing I did? I went outside to check my plants and thank God, they survived! I was extremely happy since they really looked healthy and, matured. And as per my research, I had to reduce the number of seedlings per seeding portion to one seedling each. I really find it hard to trim the seeding trays because they look so healthy and that I might pick the healthier one and leave the one with a less likely chance to survive. But still, I think I have a good judge of plant character so I chose to remove that ones that for me looked kinda late-bloomers or the ones with three initial leaves since it strays from the usual two first leaves. Oh by the way, the ones I trimmed were the tomatoes and cherry tomatoes since the peppers are not yet ready. I’ll be giving them another week or so. And, my DIY SIP (self-irrigating planters) apparently worked! Yay!

Jalapeño Pepper seedling flourishing!

Habanero Peppers and more Jalapeño Peppers growing beautifully!

Some more of my vegetables that germinated excellently from seed after the storm.


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