Packing all night

No, we are not moving.

Just a while ago, we had our family come over to taste my recent bakes. It was a week late since it should have been last week however, there were situations that did not allow us to push through, on top of the raging monsoon affecting the entire metro. Thank God our electricity was spared, allowing me to bake 2 recipes each of 4 brownie flavors (Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese, Almond Hopscotch Squares, Peanut Butter and White Chocolate Chunk Blondies and, the orgasmic Oatmeal Chocolate Squares). Yep. There is nothing to do but eat!

The night before the get-together, I finally finished baking the last 2 pans. And because the get-together was an after-lunch affair, I had to stay up and finish the packing so that they could take some home. I individually packed each piece, around 128 brownie pieces. Alas, I finished around 2 in the morning.

For the love of family, and baking!

All 128 individually packed brownies.


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