Towards a Green Revolution

A lot of talk has been going on all over the world about going green. It is good to hear that a lot more people are into this advocacy and I think getting into this change is what the entire world needs. I remember an infomercial that a really close friend made, who is also my classmate, in college for a pageant which advocates nurturing nature. It was really an eye-opening, creative and very human output where we got to see what we are doing to Gaia in a way that she was personified and also the consequences that the future generation will be facing.

While waiting in line at the cash register in the grocery, I saw this sign posted at each point of sale:

It is telling every one to use reusable bags instead to plastic bags. It is actually a city ordinance already here in Quezon City, Philippines. We’ll see if people will follow this rule. I really hope they do. I am looking forward to a cleaner and greener country where agriculture and industrialization interact with each other and where the urban metropolis gets to have a rural quality of life. To know more about the ordinance, check out the Quezon City Government website.

As my own little way of slowly turning our household into a green one, I started to plant our own vegetables as seen in my previous post. So here is an update. Actually, it is too soon to have an update but they grew so fast that I wanted to share it with you guys! So after 4 days upon planting the seeds, here they are now (what I am going to show you are the ones that started to peek out of the soil):

Sweet Basil — they were the first ones to emerge. It only took them about 2 days to grow into that!

The tomato plants are ready to emerge out of the soil.

I am really hoping to grow these cherry tomatoes. I just love them especially in salads.

This one I am super excited about! There are not so many varieties of chili peppers here in the Philippines so when I got to find fresh habaneros, I grabbed a pack both for the fruit AND for the seed so I could plant them!

Follow me as we discover together if I could grow my own produce (fingers crossed!).


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