Orgasmic it is!

I found myself to be blogging about urban farming and agriculture, and I realized that the primary reason I made this blog is to share my love affair with baking and the pastry arts. So here I am, apologetic, but totally not.

For the mean time, I dropped my shovel and picked up my whisk and whipped up something that what I think is the best bar dessert I have ever made, and tasted. I am sorry to my previous creations but this is the truth! Thank you to my obsession of actually browsing the entire cyber database looking for recipes which, mind you, is really, really fun to do!

So. I made this incredibly awesome and orgasmic oatmeal chocolate squares. I know there are some people who are taken aback with the word oatmeal but really? Even in dessert? Oh come on! You wouldn’t resist this! I PROMISE! It’s not healthy, but irresistible. I got it from Gardening Girl here in WordPress. After making this, now I know why this was one of her favorite desserts to make! And I agree when she says that you need to control yourself once the timer goes beep. Let it cool out first and place it in the refrigerator and let it set. The wait is totally worth it! After taking out the ambrosia-esque dessert from the fridge, I took a slice and instantly, I knew, that it was the fudgy texture that I always look for in the brownie and bar desserts that I make. It was incredibly chewy and delicious! You have to try and make it!

Check out Gardening Girl‘s blog for the recipe. I made a few twinks but hey, I can imagine that it tasted just the same.

The orgasmic bar dessert, ever!


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