Analyses from the Book of Matthew and the Book of Life

Not a lot of things had happened in the past few days, no thanks to the non-stop pouring of the rain. But then again, thank you to the non-stop pouring of the rain for resuscitating my plants. It’s appreciated.

Alongside the rain comes the tendency to reflect; to think about life. Thus this random but actually significant inquiry. I have always thought about the reason behind the question why God created fruits and vegetables with a great number of seeds. Here’s my attempt to answer my own question: much like humans, they are used to multiply — for the survival of the species. However, people tend to give importance to our gonads, and not that of the plantae counterpart. Would you ‘throw away’ your sperm? Or egg? No. Then why would you throw away seeds? There is a special purpose behind seeds and my interaction with the rain helped me realize that. God created seeds for man to plant to sustain life.

In the book of Matthew, or in any of the Gospels, there is one parable about sowing.  Chapter 13 of the book says that “A farmer went out to sow his seed.” The whole parable teaches a really good lesson but what makes me think is why make use of a farmer as a character. Maybe because a farmer has the noble intention of nurturing to sustain either himself, his family or a community. Much like what God wants us to be like. The only difference is, the abundance of produce will depend on the choice of soil we plant in and the type of farmer we want to be (in attitude and intention).

God → fruit/vegetable → man → seeds → plant → sustainability

Again, it’s that word. Sustainability. Why pay for fruits or vegetables when you can grow them yourselves? Trust me, you can fill a piggy bank with your savings when you start growing your own produce. Your only investment? Soil, water and patience.

SIP Seeding Tray: Cotton as wick.

Jalapeño, Pimiento and Habanero Peppers with Basil in their own SIP seeding trays.

You might think that I am only talk. Nope. I did a lot of planting for the past 2 days. I researched how to make an SIP (self-irrigating planter) so that the plant is watered from the roots. I used what I had in the garden (seeding trays and cotton) to start germinating some seeds. I planted a lot of vegetables: chili pepper, jalapeño pepper, habanero pepper, pimiento pepper, cherry and regular tomatoes; herbs: basil and dill; papaya and, just to try, salvia (an annual). I placed the trays in their own trays where I just have to pour water into then the cotton will act as a wick to bring the water into the soil. I wrapped the surface with plastic wrap to keep the area moist.

Dill, Chili and Jalapeño Peppers in their own SIP seeding trays.

Stay tuned and we’ll find out together if I am successful in growing my own vegetables.

Basil, Dill, Habanero, Pimiento, Chili and Jalapeño Peppers wrapped with plastic to maintain moisture inside the growing environment.

Salvia, Regular and Cherry Tomatoes, and Papaya SIP seeding trays.


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