Branching Out

Cramp space? A simple solution to a simple problem. NO MORE EXCUSES.

Imagine a world where all you do the entire day, every day is just the same thing. Horrible. It’s like instead of seeing a ROYGBIV on a rainbow, you see a GGGWBBB (a grey, grey, grey, white, black, black, black). Sad isn’t it? I want variety. I want things that would tickle and play with my interests. So that’s why, aside from my baking passion, I am going to give in to my other passion, which is plants—farming, gardening, whatever. With all the clamor on organic produce and wellness, having your own source of produce is not a bad idea. Don’t worry, I will still blog about my baking misadventures. This will be a fusion of both pastry and agriculture – a perfect match… for me!

Sustainability. The word of the century. I agree. With the economic trials that the entire world, not just the Philippines is experiencing, each person is trying their best to find ways on how to cost-cut, earn extra, or avoid unnecessary expenditures. Farming part of the solution, especially here in the Philippines since agriculture is the star sector of the Philippine economy. Patience, diligence, water and sun are key things to keep your vegetables alive.

Living in the city is not a problem anymore. There are no more excuses when it comes to farming since there are new ways to do it here in the metro. Urban farming is now a popular thing and actually easy to do. Different techniques are available depending on the resources or location you have (eg. vertical farming, aquaponics, container gardening, and a lot more). Research is all that it takes! I myself am starting my own urban farm (more stories in the following posts).

For now, I will be exploring avenues in the agriculture sector that could help me achieve my goals. I will also maybe be featuring some people who are into the agriculture business or into farming per se.

Stay tuned and follow for future posts on urban farming. Also, follow oplanaquaponics’ blog to get a feel of what I want to do as well.


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