Test Kitchen

Being able to consider myself as quite ‘knowledgeable’ with the art of making cream puffs after the class I took, I put my skills to the test and see whether I can make my own cream puffs. Armed with my recipe, some flour, butter, salt, sugar, vanilla, milk and loads of eggs, I made my way to our kitchen, opened the stove, cracked the eggs, sifted flour, measured ingredients and preheated the box I consider an ‘oven’. I can only bake 6 puffs at a time as that is the only volume that my ‘oven’ permits me. So as I wait 22 to 25 minutes for every 6 puffs to finish, I strategically made the filling first so that I could chill it beforehand and as I wait for all the dough to transform to puffs. So, after about 2 hours of piping and waiting and cooling, finally all the puffs were done and ready to be filled. I filled them up, made my hard caramel glaze and, unfortunately slightly burnt, glazed them with a heavy heart.

I took a bite. A bite like a food critic should bite as if being able to taste each particle, each ingredient used. I tried to be as critical, as unbiased as I can. Points made:

(1) The caramel glaze was burnt, tolerable, but with a bitter aftertaste.

(2) The pastry cream was legen-wait for it-dary! I made my own cream puffs before and the recipe I used for the filling was Julia Child’s. Unfortunately, Chef Estagle trumps Julia Child this time. Sorry Julia, I still love you.

(3) The puffs were a bit hard to pipe out because I am still not a piping prowess. Note to self: Practice makes perfect puffs.

As an evaluation, I can say that I did a pretty swell job! I give it an 8/10 if not for the burnt caramel glaze. Onwards! I leave you with words from Lewis Robinson: “Keep moving forward!”


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