In the words of Jacque Torres

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Life is short. Eat dessert first.”?

Jacque Torres summed it all up. That practically embodies my philosophy in life. Not that I am in an age to really consider life being short but in a beautiful and metaphorical kind of way. I have always been enthralled and attracted to desserts. It doesn’t matter what kind since there is a ginormous cornucopia of desserts existing! As long as it is in a buffet table with a “Desserts” label on it, I am there.

You see, I am a fresh graduate. What course you might ask? Well, it has nothing to do with eating or desserts or cooking for that matter. I have a degree in Nursing. Licensed as well. Not that I don’t appreciate my college life while taking up this course. I loved my journey there (in the College of Nursing of the University of Santo Tomas)! I was able to meet people and learn things that are essential to life. Because of college, I have friends, no, family that I now consider life-long, forever. But after a year being out into the world, I realized that Nursing was never my calling. Yes, I wanted to become a doctor at first. I will practice, but not for long. What I know is, at the moment, and for eternity, I want to be a pastry chef, a baker, a pâtissier or whatever you call those dessert-making gods. I want to make everyone feel great by creating treats. Sweet creations that would coat their world to make it all better.

I recently found myself watching this documentary, Kings of Pastry. I was like, “Wow. I want to be just like them.” The feeling was like being in kindergarten, being asked what I want to be when I grow up. I want to learn the things they do. Pulling and blowing sugar, creating wonderful, amazing sculptures of chocolate. Everything! Being able to watch this makes me feel more firm about the decisions I am going to make about the future. (1) I want to live in a farm, and (2) I want to own my own pastry shop.

Right now, I am watching another film not about baking and pastry but about food in general. Julie and Julia. Yes. I LOVE JULIA CHILD. If only I had Julie Powell’s life, and was able to meet her (Julia Child) in person, OH MY GOD. I’d die. And speaking about my love of Julia Child, maybe I’ll dedicate one post about my heroes in the culinary, baking and pastry arts. Yes. I’ll do that.

In about two days, I will be attending my first class to widen my knowledge in my chosen field of arts. It is called Cream Puff Dreams where we are going to be taught how to make pate a choux, cream puffs,profiteroles and croquembouche! (YES I AM EXCITED!) The class is under the Heny Sison Culinary School. I’ll talk about her in the succeeding posts. So, I’ll leave now for the mean time. And in the words of Julia Child, “Bon appétit!”


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